Celebrate the Red Sox with some trivia


In honor of the Red Sox World Series victory, let’s test your knowledge of the Beantown nine. Answers are below.

  1. Jimmy Fallon played a Red Sox fanatic in this 2005 movie, which also starred Drew Barrymore.
  2. How tall is the Green Monster, the left field wall at Fenway Park?
  3. What was Babe Ruth’s primary position during his time in a Red Sox uniform?
  4. Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912, but was pushed off the front page by what event?
  5. Which New York Yankee hit the game-winning home run in the 1978 playoff game at Fenway Park? Extra credit if you know his nickname.
  6. In his book The Teammates, author David Halberstam writes about the lifelong friendship between Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Dom DiMaggio, and which other Red Sox legend?
  7. True or false: Ted Williams crash landed a plane during the Korean War.
  8. Name the Red Sox centerfielder who won both the Rookie of the Year and the Most Valuable Player Award in 1975.
  9. This former manager led the Red Sox to the 1967 World Series, and later won two World Series in Oakland.
  10. How many World Series have the Red Sox won?
  11. The manual scoreboard at Fenway has a series of dots and dashes — Morse Code. What does it spell?
  12. In days gone by, Fenway Park sported only one advertisement. What was it?
  13. Speaking of signs, what is the famous corporate sign, located in nearby Kenmore Square, that is often associated with Fenway Park.
  14. Who is considered the greatest clutch-hitter in the history of the Boston Red Sox?
  15. Let’s end with an easy one…what is the unofficial theme song of Red Sox Nation?


  1. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore starred in Fever Pitch.
  2. The Green Monster is 37 feet tall.
  3. Babe Ruth was a pitcher, and a darn good one.
  4. The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912,  five days before Fenway Park opened.
  5. Bucky Dent homered off Mike Torrez to win the one-game playoff game. He’s known in Boston as Bucky “Bleeping” Dent.
  6. Johnny Pesky is the fourth teammate in Halberstam’s book. The four are immortalized in a statue outside of Fenway.
  7. True. Captain Ted Williams served in both WWI and Korea. During the latter, his plane was hit by enemy fire. He considered ejecting, but feared it would destroy his kneecaps.
  8. Fred Lynn became the first player named Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the same season, 1975.
  9. Dick Williams managed the “Impossible Dream” season of 1967, and won World Series with the Athletics in 1972-74.
  10. The Sox have won 8 World Series titles: 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007, and 2013.
  11. The Morse Code on the scoreboard is TAY and JRY, the initials of former owners Thomas A. Yawkey and his wife, Jean R. Yawkey. See photo, below.
  12. The lone advertisement at Fenway was the Jimmy Fund.
  13. The CITGO sign, a landmark in Boston, is located just blocks from Fenway.
  14. World Series MVP David Ortiz.
  15. Sweet Caroline is played in the 8th inning of every home game.Scoreboard
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