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Just thinking …

Instead of blogging about a single subject, this week’s looks at a series of topics…

  1. Why doesn’t my spell check know that Facebook is one word?
  2. Prediction: in 50 years, we’ll have electricity delivered without the use of wires, eliminating power outages caused by storms and falling tree limbs.
  3. The gang on Scooby Doo, Where are you? always demonstrated the special effects employed by the villain, but they never explained how a dog could talk.
  4. Does drinking smoothies mean that I’m too lazy to chew my food?
  5. Someone posted a YouTube video entitled “160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes.” After watching, I decided that it represents one of the basic differences between men and women. BTW, a sequel video shares 130 more quotes.
  6. Yes, we have to deal with lots of snow in Maine, but on the plus side, we also have shorter checkout lines at the supermarket.
  7. I wonder if other people are able to spoon yogurt out of the container without splashing it on the counter and cabinets.
  8. When you really think about it, shoveling snow is pretty much the act of moving the white stuff four feet.
  9. Addition to bucket list: meet Stephen King.
  10. The bank account I had as a kid paid 5 percent interest. Now that I actually have more than $87.65 in an account, I’m earning 0.20 percent.
  11. I’m hoping for a Ghostbusters 3.
  12. How hard does Santa really work? I mean, it’s only one night a year.
  13. Everything in life really can be explained by a Seinfeld episode.
  14. I’m certain that Bigfoot is so elusive because it’s hiding from Chuck Norris.
  15. I’ll never understand how the State of Maine can justify asking residents to pay sales tax on items purchased in tax-free New Hampshire.
  16. The exclamation point, the most overused punctuation element, must have a tremendous team of lobbyists behind it.
  17. Perhaps the Flowbee was ahead of its time.
  18. Wise words from the Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”
  19. Why is squash healthy but ice cream not? Can’t it be the other way around?
  20. The airplanes of today offer comfort, speed, and a record of safety that’s better than ever. Yet, with all this grand technology, the announcements from the crew are impossible to understand. Can’t they ask Bose or someone to help with that?
  21. Commercials for a medication to treat erectile dysfunction show a couple relaxing in bath tubs in the middle of a field. Ever wonder how they get water?
  22. Finally, a serious note: My Dad and uncles served in WWII. We should always be grateful for the sacrifice of that generation. And for those in the armed forces today.

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