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If my dog could speak

Molly just turned 2, which I’m told is the adolescence stage for a dog. The teen years.

She’s a terrific dog and great companion, but I am seeing the emergence of a stubborn/independent streak. Makes me wonder what she’s thinking.

 Here’s a possible list of her thoughts:

  • I know you’re late for work, but would you chase me around the house for 45 minutes?
  • Seriously? It’s raining.
  • There’s that cute Golden Retriever. Don’t embarrass me.
  • How’s your steak? I’m having dry Purina for dinner.
  • I let you win at tug-o-war.
  • You had me at belly rub.
  • Are you really going to carry that bag around? It’s embarrassing.
  • You haven’t petted me for 10 minutes. Did I do something wrong?
  • Reindeer antlers aren’t as funny as you think.
  • I like to mess with you by barking into the darkness.
  • How about a trade—I’ll swap a a bowl of this delicious Purina for a couple of small bites of your greasy, overcooked steak.
  • Oh, and your breath is always minty-fresh?
  • Give me the word and I’ll rid this neighborhood of squirrels.
  • Why did you throw that away that perfectly good piece of grizzle?
  • My time on this earth is shorter than yours and I want you to have good memories when I’m gone, so let’s play fetch using pieces of that steak.

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