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Letter to Washington: Let’s work together

Dear Elected Officials in Washington,
It’s time we have a long overdue talk. Americans are growing weary of the constant political cackling and lack of action as the nation faces many challenges, most notably the still-struggling economy.

I must confess a disdain for anything political, but I do vote and pay my share of taxes, so I guess that technically makes me your boss — one of many millions that you should be accountable to.

Additionally, as a long-time public relations professional, I can offer a few tips to help you navigate these choppy waters:

Listen to Mom
Remember the lessons your mother taught you about being polite, playing fair, and compromising? She was right. Can we put an end to the finger pointing and begin working together? The founding fathers had personality conflicts, but they were able to compromise and create a new nation. And did a pretty good job, too.

Look outward
It’s not about you, or your party. It’s about the American people — those who work hard to make a living, put food on the table for their family, and make a better life for their kids. And speaking of the next generation, let’s set an example for those who come after us. After all, they inherit what we leave behind.

Stand up for what’s right
Too many sound bites focus on what the other party is doing wrong. Is that really necessary? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) raised the hackles of many Republicans when he expressed gratitude to President Obama for helping his storm-ravaged state after Superstorm Sandy tore through the region. Attacking the other party may generate better headlines, but in the long run, it’s counterproductive.

In closing, America needs its elected officials to step up to the plate and put the nation’s interest first. These are historic times, with great opportunity ahead. It would be a shame to let political posturing ruins that.

Please give that some thought. Either way, I’ll see you at the polls…


Okay readers, your thoughts?


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