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Random thoughts for the new year

Rather than making New Year’s resolutions that I’ll break by afternoon, let’s look at some random thoughts that have been rattling around in my head.

My dog may be smarter than me. While my focus is on work and managing the house, she clearly knows how to prioritize — eat, play, sleep. Repeat.

Eliminating the CAPS LOCK on the keyboard could reduce my typing errors by as much as 63 percent.

Most things in life can be explained by an episode of Seinfeld.

A popular song says you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Add iPhone to that.

I’m holding a box of chocolates for a coworker and have resisted the week-long urge to open it. Truly, a Christmas miracle.

Charlton Heston’s appearance in Wayne Worlds 2 may be the greatest cameo ever.

Back to the dog … as we walk through an area inhabited by coyotes, she’ll periodically stop and stare into the woods. She’s clearly messing with me.

TV personality, author, Broadway performer, marathon runner. Is there anything Al Roker can’t do?

Those of us who didn’t experience Beatlemania simply cannot imagine how big the Fab Four were.

Does anyone really look like their driver’s license photo?

Stephen King’s 11/22/63 may be the best book I’ve read.

Finally, a serious note: COVID isn’t going away anytime soon. My wish for 2021 is that join together to fight it. Please wear a masks, practice social distancing, and wash your hands regularly.

Happy New Year!


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Joking at the office? Keep this in mind

I’ve always been a bit of a jokester. In my last performance review, my boss mentioned my sense of humor more than anything else (I hope that’s good).

Years ago, a striking lesson taught me the best way to joke at the office, or anywhere else for that matter.

A coworker on the other side of the building had just moved into a new office, complete with a window — a rarity for that particularly company.

He was sitting there, quite pleased, when I stuck my head in. We chatted, spoke about his kids’ photos, etc, and I left with something like, “Cool office. You look right at home.”

The next day he stopped by my office to thank me. When I asked why, he said, “You’re the only one who didn’t make fun of me.” Apparently, others asked who he slept with to get the office, etc.

That hit me like a lightning bolt, and changed the way I joke with people.

Now, I focus on comments that are funny, but positive. For example, if asked about my boss, my reply is something like, “She’s awesome. The best. Very smart, supportive, and never hits me on the nose with a newspaper.”

Okay, it’s a little corny, but you get the point. It’s clever, gets a chuckle, and leaves a positive feeling.

Do no harm
There’s an old saying about truth in jest, and I’ve learned that negative jokes can leave people wondering if you’re serious.  Years ago, at a going-away party, my outgoing boss said, “I’ll miss all of you — well, all but one of you …” I thought he was clearly kidding, but a coworker later asked me who the boss meant.

Be funny and kind at the same time. Sometimes that takes a bit of creativity, but the goodwill it generates is worth the effort.

Your turn? How do you kid around the office?

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